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Chevalier Now Accepting Applicants


  Rev. Fr. Archimedes  D. Tapang, MSC - School Rector

I feel truly blessed that you place your trust in Chevalier School to educate your kids. It is our way as one Chevalier community that everyone who steps through our doors - STAFF, STUDENTS, and PARENTS - are happy and excited to be here. This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive and nurturing environment full of fun.

 Our Chevalier School vision-mission is to provide our students with opportunities to meet individual needs and to ensure that every child has experiences that challenge them to go further than they thought they could. We want them to believe that they can succeed and have many opportunities and be successful.

We will meet this mission with the support and involvement of our parents and community. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Open communication is vital to ensure a successful home-school partnership. I have one request for you my dear parents, PLEASE EXERT ALL YOUR EFFORT TO BE INVOLVED AND STAY IN TOUCH WITH US. The more you are involved with your child, the better your child's school experience will be.

When we ALL work together and do this to the best interest of our students as the FOCUS, we will be a REMARKABLE SCHOOL.


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